snow bike

With all this snow we been getting might as well make the best of it, Birdman put together this wild snow bike.

The bike is from like 1986 as you can see how crazy the bars are.

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Ebay auction for the pawoods dvd boxset is going well, its still a good deal at what its going for right now, get bidding..

New Site

Well here is the new simplified pawoods site. Couple new things been working on for the trails and such. First off working on some Pepsi refresh grant for the trails, you have to make a video but upload it for youtube. I hate youtube and I couldnt even get the video to upload, anyway I uploaded into vimeo and hopefully it gets everyone psyched for summer. I know it seems like winter is never gonna end but at least March is almost here.

pawoods/catty woods mix from woods on Vimeo.

Also I recently burned every pawoods video ever made and Im selling the complete box set on ebay. I thought maybe it would have some interest for some people who like the videos. All the money goes to the trails and will ship internationally, so get bidding. Here is the link to the auction This is a once and done thing so its a one of a kind rare deal, and comes with lots of pawoods stickers.
Thats it for now check out the links on the side, some new ones there and stuff. Also check out TruBMX that guy has every link to every type of site involved with trails, there are actually so many out there, I didnt even get to check them all yet.