i hate captions

Anywho first things first even thou you signed a waiver to ride the trails doesn’t mean you can just come whenever and ride the trails especially now when nothing is running and little kids have no respect these days they try to fiddle with the locks to ride stuff. Insane if you ask me since 12 year old kids actually I guess do not care at all for life. Oh well check this link out for a petition for an indoor skatepark trying to get built in NYC. Also some trails are in danger of getting plowed so check this out to help out. Seems like lots of stuff is in danger, everyone needs to work together and none of this stuff will ever happen. stay tuned for more and if this pic of Treebells doesn’t get you psyched to get those tires dirty then Keith Terra got something else for you toooo ….


Digging has been going good just check the photos below and use your imagination for whats going on…



You know what really grinds my gears is when big companies like Red Bull hold some big contest and spend a crap ton of money on it then after the contest is over the jumps, ramps, whatever get torn down to never be ridden again. Not saying this stuff is not good for BMX but its crazy when you think about it. Anyway we have a portfolio type proposal thing for the trails for companies to check out who wanna help so once again if anyone has any good ins with some big companies let us know.


Wow this site is rad, Props made a site with lots of old classic sections from their old issues, you can get stuck on this site for hours. Now its crazy we got all this rain, but everything dried up already and its hard to clay stuff but regardless stuff is getting done or poi is being spun. declog those drains and get ready to ride soon….


Weather is so awesome right now, getting stuff done, rad to see other trails getting stuff done and all the web updates. A rad bmx shop in Pittsburgh is gonna be carrying the Pawoods video so check that place out Round 2. Hopefully running some Deluxe and Krafty Bike Distro ads on here soon, Deluxe DVD is out now hopefully get that soon, should be nice, trail videos are rare now. It’s also rad to see Mike Aitken is riding trails again, check this video out with him riding trails and it was a jam for a good cause. Rumor is Edgar might ride trails this year after 15 years or so will it finally happen only time will tell. get digging…..

ARF Trails Jam – More BMX Videos


I guess everyone is excited about the shovel test, Ill tell you so far one shovel was a real let down. Weather is awesome right now, rain coming soon, might be claying stuff soon enough so we need help. Couple photos below, good ole shovel graveyard berm…