Digging has been going good just check the photos below and use your imagination for whats going on…



You know what really grinds my gears is when big companies like Red Bull hold some big contest and spend a crap ton of money on it then after the contest is over the jumps, ramps, whatever get torn down to never be ridden again. Not saying this stuff is not good for BMX but its crazy when you think about it. Anyway we have a portfolio type proposal thing for the trails for companies to check out who wanna help so once again if anyone has any good ins with some big companies let us know.

4 thoughts on “random

  1. Thanks for those pics. They just motivated me to get the head lamp on and go dig till the rain starts. . . .

  2. its that time of year again, northern americans rebuilding and prepping after winter wet, northern australians preppin n repairing after the summer wet. happy building n riding all

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