Shovel Test

With our heavy use of shovels I decided to put together a little shovel guide/test. Instead of like a bike guide or part test this will be like a shovel test. We got 4 different type of flat shovels plus some wild drainage type shovel I thought to try out. Most shovels are the same but really some last longer then others and some really are easier to shape jumps with. After a month or two of using these shovels Ill come back and review them. The picture below shows each shovel each a different brand, each slightly different in shape and I think they might each use different types of wood.  You have the True Temper, the Ames, the Bronco, and the UnionTools.


Rode bikes outside today, wow spring is in the air. Ntown park is alright for now hopefully some new stuff gets built this year. Heavy digging sessions soon!!! Im gonna start advertising some companies and things on here for a small fee you can have your banner on the site and link directly to your site. Check out Krafty Bike Distro who are distributing Deluxe in the US now, sweet. The advertising money we make on the site can help with the trails, so let me know if you want to do it.


Well here is another great video of the trails, really gives you good perspective on things. It was made by Nat and some of the parts you can watch with 3D glasses.
All these good trail videos are driving me nutz, I just want the dam snow to melt. I applied for the grant for Pepsi Refresh, but the month of March is already filled up, gotta wait till April now. Bethlehem skatepark got theirs in for this month thou, so go vote.