Mark your calendars for the first jam of the year at the woods, May 29th and if it rains we can do it Sunday or Monday. Trails are looking nice right now, just a little lonely down there with everyone at work or busy doing whatever.  Thanks to Krafty Distro and Deluxe for hooking it up with the frame raffle.  More details on the jam as it approaches, and if anyone has any other ideas let us know.



Sodding the jumps is great


Well here is the the trailer for the Accelerate BMX movie, before you think oh wow this looks cheesy or whatever just think you cant please everyone. Go into everything with an open mind and the more buzz this video gets the more likely it will be filmed this summer, so support it.

Landing not a lip



Sorry about the lack of posts, but its been slow around here, you never wish for rain but this time of year you need it and the trails are hurting bad. There isn’t much you can do until it rains but cut trees down Edgar style. Looking to get some new t shirts printed up real soon, and sell them on the site. Also looking to do a Memorial Day jam and raise some money for the woods, so keep your calendars clear and hopefully some big contest come mid summer.

sax man doing it on the wood


Oh yeah I guess Hackettstown has dirt jumps now???


Clay is a naturally occurring material composed primarily of fine-grained minerals, which show plasticity through a variable range of water content, and which can be hardened when dried or fired.

Map of PA minerals and such, notice the sweet spot that goes from Northampton county down thru Lancaster, good source of clay all around there. Need more rain so the clay doesnt dry and crack up, good rain sorts all the cracks anyway and makes everything look nicer.