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April 21, 2010


mmm orange clay


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  1. Wally permalink

    Remember when the Aliens saw Buzz Lightyear fall into the toy machine? Totally rules.

  2. Steve in MD permalink

    Do you guys ever have or have you ever had problems with kids tearing lips up? Like riding them like they’re at the skatepark andshit. Doing lip tricks. They are tearing our trails up lately. Always happens when we arent there. Pissing me off so bad. I know its off topic, just wondering

  3. yes it happens, its ok when the jumps are packed but when freshly clayed it sucks, just got to catch them in the act.

  4. Steve in MD permalink

    Im going to catch them, so much time goes into building. Your trails are looking great by the way

  5. Schwantz permalink

    sweet sweet clay

  6. Schwantz permalink

    go watch the accelerate bmx teaser on youtube or

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