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April 23, 2010

Well here is the the trailer for the Accelerate BMX movie, before you think oh wow this looks cheesy or whatever just think you cant please everyone. Go into everything with an open mind and the more buzz this video gets the more likely it will be filmed this summer, so support it.

Landing not a lip



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  1. god dam catty in a big deal film, that’s mad! Catty on a big fuck’in screen hell yeah…i wounder if it’ll screen / make it to NZ?

  2. an that’s a dope landing not lip mang, yeeeeeeeeeeeew!

  3. Ryan permalink

    pack those sides kid

  4. chris permalink

    the movie looks pretty good, and that landing is STEEP!

  5. shaggy permalink


  6. landing for caveman drops from the tree?

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