People have been wondering about the price of raffle tickets for the jam, they will prolly be 5 dollars each and there will be a few different prizes so its worth it. Action Wheels kicked down a couple things for it now, too, thanks guys. Trails are starting to come together nicely now, things should be sweet for the 29th as long as it doesnt rain.

Clint came up with a new trick the other day, the “Bar Bite”, talk about innovation.



all about the nose dive

5 thoughts on “….

  1. I had the Ames one for about 2 hours before it broke. Spattin a lip and all of a sudden it’s in 2 pieces. THANK THE DON FOR GOD!

  2. Wow. Great website. i can’t believe all the work you guys must put into these jumps and I’m jealous of all the clay you guys are lucky enough to be able to work with. Here in eastern washington, the dirt is pretty nice when wet but when it is not wet (about 95% of the year) it turns to powder and the jumps fall apart in layers. I really hope i can make it over to PA one of these years.

  3. RIGID Shovels are the SHIT!!!! the wooden ones have baseball bats for handles and a blade that will slap the shit out of the heaviest clay. not only that …. but LIFETIME WARANTEE!!!! just try to snap one, and if you do …. just bring it back for a nice shiney new one!!!!

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