shovel test results

So its been about 3 months since the 4 new shovels were purchased. After slapping lips, shaving pits, chopping roots and everything else they took some big time abuse and basically got the whole trails clayed. The drainage ditch shovel broke the first day it was used, haha what a joke that was. Now onto the serious shovels, surprisingly none of the shovels wooden handles broke. We actually just got a new fiberglass shovel and its about to break any day now they basically suck, unless its a real expensive fiberglass shovel that is not hollow they will break easy. In the end I think its safe to say everyone likes using the Broncos for its lightness and makes smoothing lips and landings out the easiest. The Ames actually got pretty flimsy after a month or so and had to get taped up. Both of those shovels are about the same and are easiest to use for sculpting and smoothing things out. The Union is a really nice shovel a tiny bit on the heavy side but holds up real nice. The True Temper is a good heavy duty shovel but I think has a weird angle to it making it hard to pack jumps. If you want a shovel to last long get the True Temper, if you want a good all around shovel that will work good for doing everything get the Union. As for the Bronco and Ames buy a few of them and just use them till they die, they seem to last around 3 to 4 months of heavy use. The Bronco just cracked today on the metal end as seen in the pic, it basically messes jumps up when smoothing them out cause of the crack. Its bound to happen when smacking jumps all day the metal gets warn down and cracks. It mostly comes down to preference, all shovels will break one day, you just gotta find the shovel you think works best for dialing stuff in for you. happy digging…

Shovels brand new

Shovels after 3 months of abuse

When that part of the shovel cracks its about the end of that shovel

5 thoughts on “shovel test results

  1. I came looking cos a few years ago someone threw out the broken BRONCO SHOVEL HANDLE! I grabbed it from their trash. Great freebie walking/hiking stick! I got very sick years later todsy using it to keep my balance in a new house.

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