People have been wondering about the price of raffle tickets for the jam, they will prolly be 5 dollars each and there will be a few different prizes so its worth it. Action Wheels kicked down a couple things for it now, too, thanks guys. Trails are starting to come together nicely now, things should be sweet for the 29th as long as it doesnt rain.

Clint came up with a new trick the other day, the “Bar Bite”, talk about innovation.



all about the nose dive


The wind is horrible right now weather has been so nutz this year. Trails are coming along nice thou, Clint has been putting on some nice work, everything is almost done now boys.


The guys at Farmboy Trails have been nice enough to send some stems for the jam coming up at the end of the month, things are shaping up nice for that.

Heres a decent video some guys from France made while road tripping here in the states.

car wash

Looks like the Catty Woods benefit car wash is may 23rd at the Auto Zone on MacArthur Road Whitehall. Its gonna be from around 10 till dark I hope, anyone wanna help out let us know or just come by with your dirty car. The jam for May 29th at the woods is looking good, Cutters bike shop just hooked us up with another complete FBM bike to raffle off or whatever. summer is coming and lots of stuff going on… thanks to everyone once again helping out

This might be a black dirt lip