whats a going on

The bike night at the Main Gate got moved to next Tuesday which is the 29th, same deal as before 6-10pm, etc. Good trail sessions lately, weather is awesome. Now for some not so good news, money funds are running low and if we dont come up with enough money for insurance by October the trails will be shutdown. We try to raise and get as much money as possible but its just not enough to keep us going. We made a portfolio for companies to check out to hopefully help us out, all we need is one big company to help out and things will be good. I guess we just dont know the right people and hopefully someone can guide us in the right direction to talk to the right people. So send us an email if you can help and you know the right people to talk to for some big companies and please pass on the portfolio. thanks

One thought on “whats a going on

  1. people like to bitch and moan, but if thats what you’ve gotta do to keep the trails alive then they have to cope.
    I’d rather pay even an ENTRY fee for catty than see it go, and if you’re profiting from the trails, then you should adapt the same dig to ride philosophy to your monetary gains.
    Anyone who things this is out of line obviously has NO idea of A) how much work trail maintenance of this caliper is, and B) how ridiculously expensive insurance can be.
    best of luck guys. Get on the phone with RedBull.

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