clear things up

So I think there’s some confusion on stuff, Catty Woods is non-profit organization, I know people are weary to donate money and help out cause they think “oh these guys are just trying to make some money for themselves”. Its totally not like that, will never make money off the woods, its a complete non profit to keep the trails running every year. Its great the help we do get but its just not enough. If people want proof and documents on our costs of insurance and non profit status we can provide it. Call us sell outs or whatever you want but we have legit trails that will never get plowed as long as we pay for the insurance. One big event or contest down there can pay for the woods for years to come. The fund raising we do ourselves helps out a lot, but you get burnt out on it, and too many people come along and just expose the woods for themselves and make some money and don’t even help us out. From now on if you expect to take photos or film for a video and its gonna be published you will have to pay a fee. I mean if people are taking a few photos for a day and get payed 500 dollars for that the least you can do is throw a little of that money our way. I’m not saying everyone does this, but the few people who help out is awesome and we cant thank everyone enough for what they have done for the woods. Now you can go on and rant out about the big time companies that wont help out the little guys, but hopefully somehow will talk to the right people and all this money we need will be a thing of the past and the trails will be funded for years to come. and once again thanks to everyone who has helped we wouldn’t of made it this far, support the companies that are linked on the right side as they have helped us out….



3 thoughts on “clear things up

  1. I really hope people don’t think that way, if they do thats some bs. What you guys have done is inspirational on many levels. Standing up and getting everything legit and not just giving up like many people do is awsome. The constant work on the trails to keep them butter and then to be resposible for all the legal stuff is endless I know. Its disapointing that you guys don’t get more help.

    Keep your chins up, if it was easy there would be world class trails like yours everywhere. But its not and that is why there is only 1 Catty.

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