web vid

Been working on a web video for the trails, should be done soon, trying to get some company like ESPN to feature it so we can get money for the woods. If anyone knows any other companies that give money for web videos let us know it will be sweet for the woods. Sam who has been shredding like crazy has a little step brother who has been shredding as well but took a bad crash the other day, lets hope for a speedy recovery from him. His name is Pat Cullen and he may be related to Edward Cullen, but anyway hes a rad dude, sucks to see someone get hurt. Lets hope we avoid tstorms and the trails will keep running good…


2 thoughts on “web vid

  1. keep up the good work guys catty is so RAD! No doubt ya web edit will be sweet as, can’t wait to see it! It’s good to see a grass roots bmx company’s like S&M & Odyssey helping you out some i hope more get involved, a bunch a kiwi trails heads will hopefuly buy some Catty tee’s of Trievel which will help out some! Dig on & roooooast it up!

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