Things are shaping up real nice for the raffle. We got a ton of grips so we decided everyone who buys 10 dollars worth of raffle tickets gets a free pair of grips, so its first come first serve basis on that. We got another Sunday frame as well, and still waiting on some more things from some other companies. We cant thank everyone enough who is helping us out, so support those companies. Ted is gonna be grilling again, so if you were there for the Memorial Day jam you know there is gonna be a ton of food. Weather has been pretty nice, lets hope is doesnt rain on the 4th, but plan on coming early, we want to do the time run contests around 1ish, winner will get hooked up with some wheels and other stuff maybe.
keep checking for updates



4 thoughts on “raffle

  1. I will not let down the veggies this time either! I plan on having some black bean burgers and maybe some tofricken.

    C ya

  2. Hey Janis, the date on this is allentown fairweek so i’ll be working (bring everyone to over afterwards for a beer!) but, i wanted to contribute krank’d. I’ll get you a massive cooler full, you’ll just have to dump ice in it and you’ll be good to go. if you want a few cases for raffle too let me know. Either you or Tiff give a ring!


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