jam photos

Couple links for you to check out with some photos from the jam, a bit embarrassed how bad some of the lips look thou, that’s what happens when you barely get any rain all summer. Trails are still running decent thou, thanks to all the Europeans around finding what water is left and fixing stuff up. We definitely need more water or some rain would be nice but last time we asked for rain it rained 10 inches. We got Czech’s around, Frenches, Germans, and some Australians thrown in the mix now, might as well have some kind of country vs country trail contest. The frame still didnt get a bid on eBay, go bid on it and get a good deal on a frame and help the trails out. Anyway go here to check out Dolecki’s little flipbook from the jam, Im digging these online photobooks. Barnhart got some pics on the lastpeople site. Also check out these pics from josh stauffer on flicker.


sweet pic, cracked lip

3 thoughts on “jam photos

  1. I am an experienced dirt rider from Ohio willing to dig and looking to ride dirt before winter. I was wondering if this is open to public and how to get directions or who to get a hold of.

  2. The trails are actually in eastern pa, so dont know if your willing to drive out that far. Theres lot of trails in pittsburgh thou.

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