heroes of dirt

So I got word from Bugbee about a dirt contest happening soon in the area, should be good and you might end up in the movie.

“Hey, so we have a confirmation on our Heroes of Dirt Contest date: October 24th, 2010 – the weekend after Dew Tour Finals. It will be in Allentown, PA – within a few miles of the Catty Woods and Posh. There will be a pro purse and the contest will be filmed for Accelerate: the new BMX feature film. Peeps interested in showing up should check out our Facebook page to stay up to date. The exact location will be determined within the next week or two – we’re just ironing out some details and designs for the course – which will be trails style. People who want to be in the first BMX movie since Rad should show up. Bill Allen (of Rad fame) will be in attendance – meet the Legend!”

Trails are also riding real good right now, come down and get those fall time sessions in. Maybe some little Halloween jam down at the woods at the end of October as well.

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