You got to be freakin kiddin me, snow in late March and back to winter weather all week. We actually started claying stuff at the woods so this kind of sucks, hopefully nothing too crazy happens because its tarped up. Well I guess this video below goes with today, its actually pretty rad and Camby needs to make a damm full bmx video already.


Wow tons of rain already is hurting the trails as the photo below is evidence, come stack mud…

Hopefully the trails will look like this soon enough thou

Also check out Barnhart’s photo site got a lot of cool photos like this one..

Leegums just wet himself


Finally some decent digging has been going on at the woods, now is the perfect time to for stacking and sorting outs drainage’s. Its always fun experimenting with drain techniques, check the pics below. Also check out dirtsculpt, Dave King’s brainchild digging company, Dave has some big projects in the works and if you need anything from a race track to a downhill course built Dirtsculpt is the way to do it.