upcoming jam

Figured I would spread some info on a jam at the woods for Memorial Day weekend. I think we are shooting for the 29th of May and if the weather is bad then the 30th which is Memorial Day, I guess as it gets closer will figure it out better with the weather and what not. Will have a cook out with food for sale and maybe raffle off a frame or two. I think will be getting hooked up with some of the new Sunday trail frames to give away. Seen some interesting digging techniques and stuff at trails looking around the internet. Its rad to see how far making trails have come, pretty soon trails will be made from dirt imported from the moon. I always wanted to make some kind of sifter for wheelbarrows to have the best clean rock free dirt for smoothing out lips, looks like in the video below they are doing it. Check out this trails blog site for some wild photos and stuff they have going on at their trails.

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