Made this random catty woods tumblr just because…

check out robbos site for a bunch of recent pics from the woods and wherever else

check the tumblr for random pics not gonna get any woods updates for awhile on here. … in the middle of heck all for now..

catty woods signature bike?

If you havent already heard or seen Sunday Bikes releases a limited edition Catty Woods Scout complete bike.  Im psyched to say its a really good bike for a complete with a dialed color scheme and high end parts and it rips right out the box. We cant thank Sunday enough for doing this. Hopefully will be having a 4th of July jam and give one away. You can see a bunch of pics and read all about  it here. Check out Full Factory Distro as well for more those guys rule. We also set up a Paypal donation link if you wanna donate to the woods, anything helps. thanks