catty woods signature bike?

If you havent already heard or seen Sunday Bikes releases a limited edition Catty Woods Scout complete bike.  Im psyched to say its a really good bike for a complete with a dialed color scheme and high end parts and it rips right out the box. We cant thank Sunday enough for doing this. Hopefully will be having a 4th of July jam and give one away. You can see a bunch of pics and read all about  it here. Check out Full Factory Distro as well for more those guys rule. We also set up a Paypal donation link if you wanna donate to the woods, anything helps. thanks

3 thoughts on “catty woods signature bike?

  1. Although I have been checking this site once a week since about march (digging season), I never have left a comment…thought I should this time.

    Our group from a small town in northern california has been looking up to you guys and the community you have been able to establish and maintain since early march. We had literally… nothing. Now, we have about 10 sets (doubles, berms, hips) that flow through a meadow of oak trees.

    About a week ago I was looking for a “trail” orientated bike. I raced bmx for 8 years and have never found new-age freestyle bikes very comfortable. I found ‘The Scout’ from Sunday Bikes, and was literally about to order it before checking 🙂 Very glad I did, so I can get the bonus bike instead!!

    You guys rock. You’ve inspired me, my friends, and probably hundreds of other kids like us to make their own trails. Congratulations on the bike, hope it brings in more than enough to cover the insurance and whatever else you guys need.


  2. I heard Dave Lauth won one of these for taking a chance. He hasn’t gotten it yet. Is there anyway of tracking it? Just thought I’d let you know.

  3. Well honestly, you dont want to buy a stock bmx bike. the best bikes out their are all cutsom. You could buy different parts and build your home, for example a sunday frame with oddysey wheel sets and other misc. decent parts. this would most deffinetly cost much more but perform alot better.And this way you could have the option of brakes or no brakes, gyro or no gyro, and your Gear ratio. But, this would probably be alot more than you can take, so, I will suggest one of Fit’s new 2k10 bikes. And Deffinetly, DO NOT go with the 2hip forcedown! THat bike is complete trash. Also avoid Haro, gt, mongoose, and most other wal mart brands for that matter. Try some of those fit bikes, and I do reccomend the Fit Park 1 2010!Other good stock bike companys are Kink, DK, Hoffman, and (some) Easterns.Those can all be found on albes (the link I sent you)Hope i Helped!

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