heat wave

The heat is insane here, but it looks like relief is on the way. Made the final edit and have two songs now and added clips at the end so check it out below. Looking to do a raffle jam at the woods in mid august stay tuned for more….


Here is a pretty sweet article on trail tools, good insight on what people like to use. Added another video to youtube its basically the same edit just different song, I hate youtube because of quality issues and music rights but sometimes you get more views. So keep spreading the word on videos and thanks to everyone who donates and links the video. Stayed tuned for the final edit at the end of the week which will be a bit longer.

new video

Well its freaking hot out and gonna get hotter and dryer. Just finished a new edit and making 2 more that are basically the same just with different songs. If we can just get everyone to donate 1 dollar for everyone who views the videos we can pay the insurance off for another year. Most edits average 6000 to 8000 views some more popular edits even more so spread the word on this. Whats one dollar to every person so please watch the vid and donate and pass it on to everyone else via tweeting, tumbling, facebooking, google +ing, etc..stay tuned for the other edits thru the week..


watch out for Swantzy

Just a reminder make sure you have a waiver signed if you ride the trails and you are over 18, too many people getting hurt lately and sketchy stuff going on at the woods.


Ed is style guy of the year this pic below rules. Ive even seen Ed ching dirt with no pegs. Trails have been riding good come down and ride evening sessions 6pm and after are good when its hot out. Thinking of doing some kind of jam at the trails during Musikfest one day, ride trails then get everyone out at Musikfest for the night. We almost had the chance to have our own booth at Musikfest, maybe next year. We are running low on funds for the trails so hopefully we can get something going. Also if you can make a small donation that would rule.