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  1. I need to learn how to jump these things. Man with the N-town park out of service till monday sucks I can’t do Catty 😦

  2. Yeah I know I just got back from there now . I was hitting the berms and rollers did some of the big ramps in one section like a half pipe. And the smaller jumps.
    N-town skate park is located next to Northampton High School Behind the Municipal Building . Its closed to the public form 7/6 to 7/9 but opens back Monday because of the fair that’s going on right now. But you can drive up and see it .

  3. just so people are aware you have to be 18 to ride the trails, its because of insurance reasons. we cant have random kids showing up since lately we been getting a lot of things vandalized.

  4. No problem man. I always head up by myself or with Mier.. I think the guy was asking about Northampton skate park.

  5. Guys thanks forthat info on both parks. Actually my son is 13 and loves riding dirt. thats why i mentioned coming to catty woods, didnt know you had to be 18. is it possible to still come by there and just check out the place without riding it. He just got back from woodward and got tapped to come back again in august. are there any other dirt tracks around for him to ride.?

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