Ed is style guy of the year this pic below rules. Ive even seen Ed ching dirt with no pegs. Trails have been riding good come down and ride evening sessions 6pm and after are good when its hot out. Thinking of doing some kind of jam at the trails during Musikfest one day, ride trails then get everyone out at Musikfest for the night. We almost had the chance to have our own booth at Musikfest, maybe next year. We are running low on funds for the trails so hopefully we can get something going. Also if you can make a small donation that would rule.

4 thoughts on “style

  1. Congratulations! That was a huge step. I think the same kind of things when the bike idea croesss my mind. If I would ever get the courage to enter a bike shop,I know that my first question AFTER “Can this bike hold me?” would be, “Do you have one of those wide seats?” Chuckle.You’re definitely moving in the right direction! Happy trails.Deb

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