new video

Well its freaking hot out and gonna get hotter and dryer. Just finished a new edit and making 2 more that are basically the same just with different songs. If we can just get everyone to donate 1 dollar for everyone who views the videos we can pay the insurance off for another year. Most edits average 6000 to 8000 views some more popular edits even more so spread the word on this. Whats one dollar to every person so please watch the vid and donate and pass it on to everyone else via tweeting, tumbling, facebooking, google +ing, etc..stay tuned for the other edits thru the week..

2 thoughts on “new video

  1. Hey guys ill donate money and also my time to help you guys out with things. All i am looking for in exchange is places where my kid can ride . he has a real nice Mutiny bike he rides now also has a kink too. hes 13 and pretty goo. i know he cant ride catty woods, but id love to just bring him there to check it out. where are the places located he can ride including caty woods.

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