Trails are all fixed up and should be good for the jam, of course they changed the weather Sunday and Monday look like good chance of rain. Saturday is only a slight chance so hopefully the jam goes down. We got a bunch of good stuff to give away like usual, Forty Distro hooked us up with a Deluxe frame and Action Wheels gave us a bunch of random stuff, along with all the other sponsors on the flyer who sent stuff. Keep checking the weather but its looks like Saturday should be good.

These hitchhikers are all over the woods and they suck, it takes so long to get them off your clothes..


Well as you can see the hurricane left its mark, the only good thing is the forecast looks good with no rain ahead. I think the trails should be good by Saturday, just need help clearing all the crap and fixing some pits, most of the tarps stayed on except for a few. Hopefully everywhere else it isnt that bad.


I guess we are screwed.. stay tuned for updates on the woods if they survived and if the jam is happening. The trails are hurricane proof as good as they can be I guess…


I guess this summer cant be complete without an earthquake Im surprised the trails didnt get swallowed up. I guess will see what happens this weekend thou when a hurricane might go right thru the area, then that is when the trails really will be finished. Only good thing is we finally have a few runs going at the woods, so come down before the trails get wiped out again, the summer of rain..Stay tuned for updates on the jam, hopefully the hurricane misses us…///