Looks like a jam is on for September 3rd, and the 4th or 5th can be the rain date, which will prolly use the way things are going. This has been a pretty crap year for sure with no good sessions at the woods, lots of rain, injuries, etc etc. So hopefully things turn around because usually by September we are not getting Tstorms that wipe the trails out. We need a good session at the woods with everyone having fun, and will have a raffle with tons of bmx stuff and BBQ. We are running low on funds to pay for the big insurance bills coming up so hopefully we can get some good donations and such. We are also having a bake sale on August 20th in the Main Street Commons of Bethlehem. If anyone wants to sponsor the jam let us know. thanks

2 thoughts on “jam

  1. If the trails are getting blown out they are prolly not adequately designed, built and or stabilized. If you need an erosion control specialist, contact Mountain View Trail Services. JM

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