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September 6, 2011

If anyone has any pics from the jam and wants to send them this way that would be cool trying to come up with a slideshow.

Also Terrible One hooked us up with two 50 dollar gift certificates towards anything they make. So we created a buy it now button below there’s only two so first two to do it get it, and its only 20 dollars each so you get a good deal and help the woods. Will email you back and let you know what to do afterwards. If you wanna donate regardless any amount whenever its cool we can always use it for the huge insurance bill coming up. Thanks again..


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  1. Hey guys just wanted to let you know there have been a few times i’ve emailed and left comments , especially about coming to the jam and donating. Not once yet to date have i gotten a response as to how to get to catty woods to check it out. My son really wanted to come to the labor day jam but i never received a response. I was willing to come by and donate to keep places like this opened for my kid to ride at.

    • Flash permalink

      Airport raod north exit off 22
      Turn left onto race street
      the woods are on the right 3 blocks past the second red light.

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