behind the scenes @dreamline

Here’s a little behind the scenes look at what went on for the build of Redbull Dreamline. Im sure if you look all over the internet you will find pictures and videos of the contest but none will do justice unless you were there. It was rad to have free reign to build whatever and no restrictions to make a fun course.

Original view of the land before we started building

The dirt was so weird there, it never seemed to dry and was just wet muddy clay until we found this yellow gold, mix of sand, clay and maybe some posh silt. The yellow gold got the job done thou when used right

Mega drainage was needed for all the rain we got while building, rivers would come down the mountains after a tstorm and wash flat bottoms out

The top got changed like 5 times this was the original version

Great for packing in jumps or doing other “stuff”

This was good to pack the bigger landings

After the jumps sat vacant for 2 months they looked like this

Every flat bottom looked like this from all the rain while we were gone

Every flat bottom had to be fixed, then it rained on the them so they turned to mud, so we used every possible way to dry them out this barrel fire method worked the best

This didnt work at all, even thou the rental place told us it would thaw out frozen ground

This kinda worked, who knows we pretty much lost our minds at this point with drying pits out

Awesome pic of all the pits getting literally burnt out

Thanks to everyone who made this contest and course happen(especially adam aloise and anthony napolitan) hopefully it will open up peoples eyes to trails and how much fun they can be. check the tumblr and twitter for more

One thought on “behind the scenes @dreamline

  1. Nice Work!

    Parslow’s words “It is amazing, its…..there’s not a contest I’ve been to (till this) where you’ve done the jam session, and after the contest been like, I wanna keep on riding”

    I didn’t know the Catty crew was involved in this build. The line looked super fun.

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