Trails are super soaked, floods everywhere, global warming in full effect I guess. Trails should be dry by the halloween jam, which will be towards the end of October. In the past 40 days we got about 21 inches of rain give or take, I think we have had a lot more then reported. Its rained 21 days out of those 40 also. Im up for a drought and no rain the rest of the trail season.

I guess its rails instead of trails now

couple things

The T1 deal is over thanks to all those involved. As for making donations the link on the right seems to not be working right but its always good if you go to the donate page. The rain is just out of control anymore, this is day 3 of rain week, nothing good to look forward to. Got two new videos below one is from Cambridge’s crazy mind, and the other is a slideshow of a bunch of photos of the trails rain damage and photos from the jam, enjoy…

t1 offer

If anyone has any pics from the jam and wants to send them this way that would be cool trying to come up with a slideshow.

Also Terrible One hooked us up with two 50 dollar gift certificates towards anything they make. So we created a buy it now button below there’s only two so first two to do it get it, and its only 20 dollars each so you get a good deal and help the woods. Will email you back and let you know what to do afterwards. If you wanna donate regardless any amount whenever its cool we can always use it for the huge insurance bill coming up. Thanks again..


Jam was freakin awesome, thanks to everyone you know who you are and especially Ted for grillin.. This year has been a big letdown but days like Saturday make up for it all, it looks like another week of rain ahead but whatever. Looks like will try to have a Halloween jam as long as the trails are good and dry. Bunch of rad stuff went down and no one got hurt, Im sure there will be a bunch of photos floating around the net and stuff, here are some pics to hold you over.

This guy won it all…