What else would you expect this year, snow for Halloween, rain all summer, trail season is over. Anyway have a nice little edit made by Robbo from some recent stuff, and will have an exclusive Dig edit which should be on there site real soon, also pick up the new issue with the Catty article in it.


Dont forget this Saturday get a tattoo at the Quillian and the money goes to the trails. Well usually this time of year it gets cold, and Saturday they say we might even get snow. End of the trail season is upon us, at least October was good, ride the trails while u can. Check out the last people for some pics from the jam.

halloween boys

Thanks to everyone who came out to the jam, and helped out you know who you are. Pat aka Lumps aka Big Daddy won best rider of the day like usual he did tricks and kept everyone entertained all day. It sucks there were some bad crashes thru out the day but that’s BMX for you, everyone seems to be fine just knocked up a bit and stuff. Check your bike parts for cracks and what not, scary stuff going on. Here is a slideshow of some funny costumes…

halloween boys


Its raining pretty good now which is nothing new this year, there is no chance of rain Sunday so the jam looks good unless the bastards get it wrong for the first time this year. Little more info on the jam, everyone pays 5 dollars money goes towards trail insurance and for best rider of the day. Bring pumpkins if you want and costumes are mandatory, at the end of the day everyone gets to vote for best rider and best costume. We got a couple things to give out which we might auction or something will figure it out that day, maybe give out to people who have rad costumes. For the people that drink and dont ride there is a bar down the street you can stay there all day so we dont have to deal with you pissing in your mouth or whatever weird stuff goes on.


This video rulessssss, wow Tom Cambridge has done it once again, the editing and music just go together so well. Must watch video of autumn

Weather sucks again, only good thing is weather looks good next week for the jam. Penn Skate hooked us up with free passes to give away and Im pretty sure we are gonna have a Deluxe Tech II frame to give away. Swantz will also have prizes from Action Wheels for the bobbing for apples insanity. stay tuned for more on the jam and spread the word…