goings on

Got a lot of stuff going on for the trails which is cool since its basically winter. First off is the flyer for the Penn Skate trail jam, half of the money made goes towards the trails that day. Accelerate the movie is almost ready to be released, some of us got together to watch the rough cut and I think a lot of people will enjoy it so stay tuned for that. Finally got to see the Dig magazine and was impressed with how it turned out big thanks To Rob Dolecki for doing it, hopefully it gives trail riding a better perspective. Also wanted to mention some people who have helped dig and what not to keep the trails going and hopefully we get more people psyched to help dig and ride them next year. Patrick Cullen, Ed Kraznakdidsidfi, Ted, Dan Meiers (hopefully he stays out of trouble), Leegums (when he isnt hunting or hurt), Ryan Hillegass, Jacob Clipper (Pudlinger), Joe Saxton, Erie Ryan or Eric, Rod or Steve, and hopefully we get Big Nasty digging and Sam’s brother Jack on the scene next year. Hopefully I didnt forget anyone else, also a big shout out to Andy Scwartz (Swantz) and his random morning crew that no one ever sees. Hopefully he overcomes his back injury he is a true legend already for overcoming what cards he has been dealt in life. Also cant forget all the out of towners and foreigners who come in the summer to keep the trails mint. And one more big thank you to Tiff for doing the bake sales and car washes with all the other wives, girlfriends, etc. thanks again…..