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So we got an online raffle going on for the trails where you pay 5 dollars thru paypal to get entered to win awesome stuff from Odyssey, FBM, Mutiny, and Sunday. Ill have pictures up shortly but so far these are up for grabs- Catty Scout Complete BMX Bike, Sunday frame and stem, Odyssey fork and bar, FBM gear, Mutiny frame (At least 5 winners and more). On December 5th will put everyones name in a hat ( you can enter as many times as you want to increase your odds), and will video tape it to make it legit so you know its not a scam. Then the prize you won will get shipped out to you for free. Big thanks once again to these companies without them we would be screwed. Basically we thought our insurance premium was gonna go down this year but it didnt so we owe more money then we thought. If your wondering the insurance is over 7000 a year. We also got the Penn Skate jam on December 3rd and were working on doing a benefit dinner, if anyone knows of any places with a big kitchen and seating area (church basements, firehalls, etc) we can use for free let us know. anyway thanks again to everyone who is involved, dont let the trails die….

7 thoughts on “online raffle

  1. Much respect, keeping trails running dialled and progressing is hard work. Keeping them insured on top of that is over the top. Props for all of the hard work, hope I can make it out there some day to shred some of your fine dubs.

  2. I belong to the porter chapman Freemason Lodge, the have a large banquit hall to use and a kitchen to cook in. the lodge is in N.Catti by the playground. contact me by my email address and i can provide you with more details. the hall is usually available. and I’ll provide you with my cell # so we can discuss it over

  3. Sorry I didn’t reallize that my Email Address doesn’t show if you can’t get it the just reply and I’ll check this often.

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