2011 has come and gone, was a wild year for sure with the trails, almost ran out of money a few times but we made it another year. Once again big thanks to all the companies, donations, and people who helped. I hope 2012 brings change with how some things went this year, but that’s a whole nother story. More people need to step up to keep the trails going but I think if things work out with the business side of things everything will go smoothly regardless. Check the tumblr for some pics through out the year. I think the video below is one of the better web edits this year to showcase off the trails, its my personal favorite because of the editing and music going so well. Anyway keep checking the site we got big things in store for 2012 as long as y2k doesnt happen….


Here is the website for the company that will be cooking for the dinner benefit. Its real good food, worth the price, and buffet style. There will also be a vegetarian option so everyone is covered. Its January 22nd and is in North Catasauqua, contact Dave King for tickets @ dirtsculpt@gmail.com

Divine Dining
Catty Woods Fundraiser

Create your own Pasta Station (Chef created in front of the Guest)- Penne Pasta, Wild Mushroom Portobello Mix, Artichoke Hearts, Tri-Color Pepper Confetti, Gorgonzola Cheese, Baby Spinach with a choice of either Pink Peppercorn Marinara Sauce (Vegan) or Creamy Chardonnay Shallot Sauce (Vegetarian)
served with a Divine Cesar Salad and Crusty Artisan Rolls with Whipped Butters

A Chef attended Carving Station- Sliced Bourbon Whiskey Glazed Tenderloin of Pork served with Gourmet Mac and Cheese with Caramelized Onions and Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salad

There was also be dessert cupcakes and other sweets.

merry belated xmas and all that stuff have a safe new year…..


Couple pics for you, some from Penn Skate, we are probably gonna do another jam in January there so stay tuned for that. The benefit dinner is going to be January 22nd so keep your calenders cleared for that, Dave King is in charge of all that so email him about it.

raffle results

So we picked the names for the online raffle and they are Chris Wade, Steve Wehr, Jeremy Connors, Ryan Scott, and David Lauth. Watch the video below to see what you won, prizes should be getting shipped out this week. Big thanks to all the people who purchased tickets and the companies involved. Its great when the BMX community comes together and helps each other out. There is another set of trails in danger of being taken down, the infamous Casselberry trails, take a minute out of your day and sign this petition to help out. Keep checking the site for more updates on the woods and other stuff going on like fundraisers and jams..


Today is the Penn Skate jam so come out, should be a good time you might even be able to ride the Little Devil bowl with Dunny and Jay Bone. The raffle has been going good, just found out you can win FBM handlebars and some other goodies like their new DVD. You can buy tickets until sometime Monday evening when will pull the names out of the hat and take the paypal buttons down. Once again thanks to everyone involved we couldnt do it without you….