stuntman sam

Sam had a wild year, and 2012 might be even bigger, who knows show many stunt jobs he got lined up but check out this photo in Dolecki’s 2011 recap. He also scored a cover of a DVD that I dont think anyone of us will see because you need a damm 3D TV to watch it.

One thought on “stuntman sam

  1. You guys will get to watch it, but you will still need a blu ray player. I plan to drop off a bunch of discs next time I’m up your way or if anyone emails/facebooks me with their address (as I posted on my facebook page a few times).

    I will also leak the final Catty edit to you in 2D to post on this site in February or March, whichever is better for you.

    Cheers to all you Catty Crew!


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