cement fail

This winter has been a strange one so far, constant temperature changes are bad even if it means we have been getting 50 degree days in January. The thawing and freezing is killing the jumps. I never seen them this bad, and winter isnt even over and who knows what will happen if we get snow. The cement berms are not faring to well, even with metal in them as you can tell in the pictures. The constant moving of the dirt from freeze thaw is just popping the cement off. I guess if we used more stone and less dirt it would be different but you never know, its just one big experiment. Anyway dont forget the penn skate jam this weekend and benefit dinner next weekend. thanks to everyone…

Oldies but goodies

5 thoughts on “cement fail

  1. cob is a natural cement substitute. A mixture of sand, clay and straw. it is used to build houses. Only thing it needs is protection from the rain. not sure how it would stand up to tyres, but be worth a go…

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  2. Damn Chris. The only explanation I can think of is because we could not get the cement to mix evenly with the clay. Remember how it kept balling up and getting lumpy? Mine is on its 3rd winter with just one cracked spot the size of a football.

  3. Just a guess The cemente looks real thin another way would be to cut steps into the berms before you layer it just so it has something to grab onto and when water gets under it it has strong points not one layer. also mabye in the berm there be metal rods that go deep just to give somthing to grab. i often see asphalt lifting because water gets under and it has nothing to grab to. this is just what i thought the chicken wire is good but i think it needs somthing more to grab to.

  4. i would try a natural lime putty in the mix. If using a natural mix the lime putty will give it some flexibility. Portland is a real hard cement and not much flexibility. Using something lime based will make it less hard and less prone to cracking.

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