First off the dinner went real well, thanks to everyone who helped out there are too many people to thank but you all know who you are, check out divinedining610.com they did a great job with the whole dinner. We got an added bonus Nat came by with a 3D TV so people could check out his video Every Second Counts. I was definitely impressed and thought the 3D stuff came off really well. You dont need a 3D TV to watch the DVD, a blu ray player plays it in normal HD 2D, but to get the full effect you need a 3D TV and 3D blu ray player. Go here to buy a copy just the catty section alone and the section on the blind mountain bike rider is worth the price even if you dont have a 3D setup. Eric Bugbee showed the intro to his movie as well which is now officially called Heroes of Dirt, and hopefully will be released this summer. One last thing, check out exclusive bmx which is Duece’s site, I uploaded Brian Foster’s section from Save the Woods so you can watch it exclusively there.