trail squad

Damm this video rules, its awesome to see so many good looking trails out there, the Sunday Trail Squad is rad and more companies need to do something like this. Gets you psyched on spring which is basically here… go watch now

One thought on “trail squad

  1. who the hell do these guys think they are ? are they like some trail power rangers or something ? that black guy with the big mouth really sucks , he should ride street or rollerblade or jump off a bridge or something, oh why where those dudes digging , and helping out anyway ? like they know what they are doing, they should have rode more and did more tricks, like double fronties . and what is the big deal with all these guys running brakes , like why wouldn’t i want to run into a tree , fall into a hole or get hit by a car, and whats up wit these dudes and there gay little dogs , wtf !! get a real pet like a dragon or kraken cyclops.

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