This winter keeps getting worse with the cold warm weather that means frequent freeze thaw. Im pretty jealous of recent pics of trails that are perfectly groomed like the ones in New Zealand, but I guess they dont have harsh winters and dont have to rebuild and can keep stuff looking so rad and square easier. This is the worst winter yet and its gonna be a mission redoing the whole trails but if we get some crews of people and the right tools we can get it done so we can ride all summer and not clay all summer. Starting in March we are gonna have BBQs in the woods on the weekends and digging days and the more people we get the more stuff will get done. Anyway dont forgot to watch this video over and over. There is also a rad Anthem trail edit over on Exclusive BMX, go check that site out as well and its rad Duece is helping us out with trail money. Dont forget on Sunday is the pump track jam in Kutztown, come out and dust your bike off.


This is freaking awesome, Tom Cambridge finally edited up all the stuff he filmed during his summer vacations here in 07/08. What you get is a 15 minute trail video classic, this is what trails is all about and Cambridge captures it beautifully. The best part about this is we get money for this video, all you gotta do is watch it and spread the word, post this on facebook, twitter, tumblr, xanga, blogs, myspace, google+, etc etc. The more views it gets the more money we get so get watching. Big thanks to Bmxunion.Com and Tom Cambridge for hooking this up… grab a beverage and some popcorn and enjoy

Eco-friendly trails


For some time now we have been cleaning up the woods getting rid of all the scrap metal and garbage. You get money for all metal so it’s good money for the trails and we are cleaning up the environment. If anyone has any scrap metal they want taken away we can do it or you could drop it off at the woods. If anyone knows of any places that buys old tires that would be great to get rid of all them in the woods. Diggin season is about to be in full swing come down and give a hand.. Stay tuned for some video updates coming…