This winter keeps getting worse with the cold warm weather that means frequent freeze thaw. Im pretty jealous of recent pics of trails that are perfectly groomed like the ones in New Zealand, but I guess they dont have harsh winters and dont have to rebuild and can keep stuff looking so rad and square easier. This is the worst winter yet and its gonna be a mission redoing the whole trails but if we get some crews of people and the right tools we can get it done so we can ride all summer and not clay all summer. Starting in March we are gonna have BBQs in the woods on the weekends and digging days and the more people we get the more stuff will get done. Anyway dont forgot to watch this video over and over. There is also a rad Anthem trail edit over on Exclusive BMX, go check that site out as well and its rad Duece is helping us out with trail money. Dont forget on Sunday is the pump track jam in Kutztown, come out and dust your bike off.

2 thoughts on “dust

  1. Hey its not all so bad, here in indiana its nice, this weather provides good conditions for building. the ground is soaked and has made all the top soil so lose and easy to dig out between jumps! muddy as can be, but a lil dirt never hurt!!!

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