Everyone loves stickers, just got some new catty and pawoods stickers made, for 5 bucks Ill send you a bunch of stickers, I got some old random ones laying around so Ill thrown them in as well. Who knows you might get a Sekt sticker or a Britney Spears one, all the money goes towards the trails so click the PayPal below and make sure your address is right as that’s where the stickers will be sent. Other good news is we finally got rain after a month of no rain, so everyone get to the woods and get claying. It doesn’t look like any more rain in the forecast so will be digging all day tomorrow to put the good wet clay to use.

No Rain

Rain !!!


Sorry for lack of updates but nothing is going on, I mean the warm weather is great and winter didnt really exist this year but no rain is bad for getting the trails reclayed and fixed up. Basically it either rains too much or doesnt rain at all no happy medium in eastern PA anymore. Its the driest spring ever and the trails are pretty much undiggable for the first time ever, go figure with our luck. Extended weather forecast really shows no rain coming so yeah awesome. Anyway below is the Catty section from Nat’s 3D video check out it and and his vimeo for other sections.


This rules, another Anthem Declassified section featuring Brian Foster, keep these videos coming. The craziest thing is most of the footage is over 4 years old but it doesnt matter because its timeless. Dont forget to keep watching Camby’s video to keep chalking up views we have about till March 20th to get the ad revenue from that video. It’s looking the weekend of the 17th of March will get together at both trails to get some serious digging done, stay tuned for more on that. One more thing if you want the B Town skate plaza to keep getting stuff built go here to help with that.