This rules, another Anthem Declassified section featuring Brian Foster, keep these videos coming. The craziest thing is most of the footage is over 4 years old but it doesnt matter because its timeless. Dont forget to keep watching Camby’s video to keep chalking up views we have about till March 20th to get the ad revenue from that video. It’s looking the weekend of the 17th of March will get together at both trails to get some serious digging done, stay tuned for more on that. One more thing if you want the B Town skate plaza to keep getting stuff built go here to help with that.

One thought on “yes

  1. You didn’t answer the aniptsam question correctly, your comment was not saved. Press “Back” and answer the question better.Just to be sure that your message won’t be lost – copy it now to the clipboard. 搞得我很紧张来着.. 特地来留言测试一下下….果然..是啥子插件啊?压根都木有问题出来

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