Well this rant is gonna be all over the place so be forewarned, I guess what sparked this is the latest web videos from Anthem II and all the articles on The Come Up which has been dissecting everything in BMX. This is more about the state of trails in PA right now. I understand the weather sucks right now and has for whatever reason seemed like forever since last year with all the rain but that just cant be the reason why trails just seem to be dead. When I was in high school way before blogs, websites, facebook all that crap, trails thrived in PA. I think at one time just in this area known as the Lehigh Valley there had to be 40 sets of trails no exaggerating there. At one point you had pipeline, spitline, nam, hampton, posh, old posh, 14th ave, tioga, 2nd, ithaca st, the list goes on which were all decent trails in 5 minute drive between each. It was fun going to new spots or just to see what everyone was building. Now you got Posh and Catty, Dale’s Yard, and some trails in Walnutport on the rise. If there are other trails in this area I dont know about them and they are a secret but I doubt there are 20 sets of trails lurking deep in the woods. I dont know if its the huge popularity of street riding that has just killed trail riding in this area, but for once there is legit trails that cant be plowed and there is the smallest crew yet. No young kids coming around, no random pop ups from old locals, the only thing to look forward to is visitors from out of state and other countries. It’s a damm shame too there is no trail riders kids can look up to like when there was Stauffer, Gilly, Joe Rich, etc all local legends who rode trails. It just bums me out people like Chase Hawk And Geoff Slattery who used to rip the trails wont ride them anymore because they wont put brakes on for a day either. The trails are built so everyone can come ride them but it just isnt the cool thing to do. Its like the internet really ruined it here, street riding is shoved down there throats, yeah its cool ride whatever BMX is BMX but you gotta give trail riding a try if you never did. Its ok to ride trails one day then street the next but around here it isnt. You go to the Btown skateplaza and im sorry to say it but it just sucks its a letdown and theres always 50 kids there riding, more power to them for finding fun in that but damm not even one of those kids will give the trails a chance to ride. I know all this is true because Poppy used to ride the trails and shred then he got into street but he gets made fun of for riding trails so he doesnt anymore, its crazy. I know people in England and other countries wont believe it but its true and they come here just to ride trails and its crazy to think a kid lives a minute away from the trails but wont give it a chance. The point I guess im trying to get across is ride whatever you want, but at least give everything a try and dont be shy to come and give the trails a chance or lend a hand digging. It would be a shame to see Eastern PA trails becoming extinct because no young kids can fill the void when the few left who still ride and dig trails can no longer do it. I could go on and about about this topic but that’s enough ranting for one day, maybe sometime soon there will be more then 5 locals and some new sets of trails popping up.