Well this rant is gonna be all over the place so be forewarned, I guess what sparked this is the latest web videos from Anthem II and all the articles on The Come Up which has been dissecting everything in BMX. This is more about the state of trails in PA right now. I understand the weather sucks right now and has for whatever reason seemed like forever since last year with all the rain but that just cant be the reason why trails just seem to be dead. When I was in high school way before blogs, websites, facebook all that crap, trails thrived in PA. I think at one time just in this area known as the Lehigh Valley there had to be 40 sets of trails no exaggerating there. At one point you had pipeline, spitline, nam, hampton, posh, old posh, 14th ave, tioga, 2nd, ithaca st, the list goes on which were all decent trails in 5 minute drive between each. It was fun going to new spots or just to see what everyone was building. Now you got Posh and Catty, Dale’s Yard, and some trails in Walnutport on the rise. If there are other trails in this area I dont know about them and they are a secret but I doubt there are 20 sets of trails lurking deep in the woods. I dont know if its the huge popularity of street riding that has just killed trail riding in this area, but for once there is legit trails that cant be plowed and there is the smallest crew yet. No young kids coming around, no random pop ups from old locals, the only thing to look forward to is visitors from out of state and other countries. It’s a damm shame too there is no trail riders kids can look up to like when there was Stauffer, Gilly, Joe Rich, etc all local legends who rode trails. It just bums me out people like Chase Hawk And Geoff Slattery who used to rip the trails wont ride them anymore because they wont put brakes on for a day either. The trails are built so everyone can come ride them but it just isnt the cool thing to do. Its like the internet really ruined it here, street riding is shoved down there throats, yeah its cool ride whatever BMX is BMX but you gotta give trail riding a try if you never did. Its ok to ride trails one day then street the next but around here it isnt. You go to the Btown skateplaza and im sorry to say it but it just sucks its a letdown and theres always 50 kids there riding, more power to them for finding fun in that but damm not even one of those kids will give the trails a chance to ride. I know all this is true because Poppy used to ride the trails and shred then he got into street but he gets made fun of for riding trails so he doesnt anymore, its crazy. I know people in England and other countries wont believe it but its true and they come here just to ride trails and its crazy to think a kid lives a minute away from the trails but wont give it a chance. The point I guess im trying to get across is ride whatever you want, but at least give everything a try and dont be shy to come and give the trails a chance or lend a hand digging. It would be a shame to see Eastern PA trails becoming extinct because no young kids can fill the void when the few left who still ride and dig trails can no longer do it. I could go on and about about this topic but that’s enough ranting for one day, maybe sometime soon there will be more then 5 locals and some new sets of trails popping up.

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  1. You’re right, everyone needs to ride everything. There is so much bike control to be gained from riding trails, not to mention the need to go faster and higher bleeds into all forms of your riding after a few weekends riding the groove. It’s a bummer to here your comments on the scene out there.

    I’ve been feeling the opposition to your experiences as of late in the Columbus, OH scene. We hadn’t had trails for a decade. A couple of years ago a few of us started a small spot, while unbeknownst to us, a few old friends were doing the same on the other side of the city. Before long, we had a crew again. Some of the guys were friends that I hadn’t ridden with in over 10years. Everyone is amped to roast whatever is in front of them right now, and MUCH of that is due to the trails. In fact, we’ve planned a trip to come and visit you gentlemen later this year on a trails trip across PA.

    While this doesn’t help your current situation, I felt like reaching out with a pat on the back. Our scene was dead for years and is making a comeback thanks to trails. It’s also due to people like yourselves who carried trails through the 2000’s when we weren’t able to. I’ll admit I had given up after losing 3 sets. No one wanted to dig, and I just started riding ramps and bits of street here and there.

    But seeing Catty, Eastside, Hazelwood, and a few other sets of trails have been our scene’s defibrillator if you will. We saw that there were still a few guys who rode trails in the 90’s like we did, still doing it as they were able to fight through dead trail seasons and keep progressing building and riding alike. I know I personally needed that inspiration and comradery again.

    We just lost our trails a few weeks back. Plowed with nary an incident or warning. The crew convened at my place that night, and plans were made for this year that are already in full swing. I’ll be 30 years old in a couple of weeks, and I haven’t been this amped on riding for over a decade. We’ll be sure to bring a couple of good sessions your way from Ohio later this year. Thanks for all of your efforts over the years.

  2. I live in CA and its the same way. All these kids are all about the skatepark and street. I used to be a competetive skateboarder and i always rode BMX, thats where my heart always was since i was a kid. im 28 now and i gave up skating two years ago to devote time to my trails because id rather ride trails and have fun just flying through the air. My point is this, BMX stands for bycicle moto cross (riding a bike in dirt). BMX should stop trying to be a knock off of skateboarding, because thats exactly what street is. If you want to do street, get on a skateboard and do it. if you want to get on a bike, hit the trails or at least try.

  3. well sir u r right mr.catty i come from 16 hours away just to see the crew in the catty woods. u guys r the real deal and i been alot a places and kids will come out when ever thing is buttered and clayed. but man they will be gone the frist sight of barrels shovels and work. but to make the jumps is so fun and when u finish the creation of the jump u get to play on it and shape it to the awesomeness. i hope some kids smarten up for u guys cause your woods r super fun and super rad but the kids in most of bmx do not want to work for anything i blame foam pits. before foam pit soft dirt was the best landing to try any thing. but now days kids will go some where shitty just to ride a foam pit so they can post some stupid vid on you tube or where ever. but your woods r not the only ones that suffer this either woods all over east side hazelwood all of the big hitting woods r getting older and older crew member we need some young bucks to help us other wise we r all going to go the way of the dinosuars

  4. Our trails just got plowed here in Oregon. I’m bummed, but I’m sort of over it. Seven years and only a handful of people wanted to build or even ride. It was me and one other guy. When we rode, we sessioned alone. In Portland you’d figure we’d have to be kicking people out like crazy, chaining up the jumps, but no one ever wanted to ride. I loved those trails, but it’s such a bummer building and keeping a spot running if no one even wants to ride with you.

    Kids coming up in BMX these days sort of suck. My favorite part of riding is going fast and blasting the biggest shit you can find, whether you’re at the trails or on street. But it seems like the trend is to just creep around without brakes and do tricks at five mph. I simply don’t understand how you can watch a movie with people creeping around doing bar spins and then watch someone roast a massive hip and crank a massive table and think “man, I want to take my brakes off.” Things are wack.

    So rant your heart out, because you’re right. By the way, Catty is the sickest spot ever. Nice work.

  5. I feel you, Trails have been in the gray area for a hand full of years now especially in the BMX industry. In our turf we have 3 1/2 sets if trails. Ranging from Basic skill levels to medium tech, to you know HAZELWOOD. We are going through the same thing. Younger cats don’t want to dig with us because they are intimidated by our trails. So they go to other spots. Which weakens the scene that we intentionally as a crew tried to bond. So our thoughts were, Ok let the young dudes make their own trails which will give them the confidence to come ride our spot. In the end Trail Riding is a art form that no one wants to adopt because it’s to difficult to start a set of trails, takes a lot of time, labor, and imagination.

    It takes a certain mind set to do what we do. That is why trail riders are a special breed. Much respect for Catty building small jumps for people to learn how to ride trails. Out in western PA we do not really have that!

    PA is not the only place lacking youngster to take on the trails. It’s the same problem in France also!

  6. Hey,

    When I read this, I related it to it but it still surprised me a lot!

    I’m from the UK, used to dig and ride at ‘the field’ with Pete and Cambridge… You may know them?

    We have our own trails here and like you, we have seen a growing number of the younger generation staying away from the trails – whether that be through fear or laziness, I don’t know…

    We are thinking of organising a trip to PA to visit a few trails spots and meet the locals. It would certainly be great to experience some of the best trails in the world!

    Are you happy for visitors to help out at the trails?


  7. This is a shame, and the Bethlehem skatepark is a joke. I wish the kids would be out there digging from after school until it’s dark out like we used to do (and thankfully some of you guys still do). I always contemplate getting back into riding seriously again, and you can bet if I do I will be digging somewhere and riding my heavy standard with brakes on. And thanks for the mention of 14th ave!

  8. You know im stoked that people take the time to write on this board. It shows that as long as there are people like us out there, trails will survive! AND TO CHAZ, sorry about your trails, my homie went up to portland and rode some trails right in the middle of the city and said it was a dope spot. If that spot was yours, im sorry to hear but he said the locals were super chill. LONG LIVE THE TRAILS 4130

  9. Its not just in the USA it’s the uk too trails are dead , it’s the silver spoon generation of bmxers born with everything built for them no one needs to build trails , skateparks with foam pits killed trails well killed bmx really , and web edits (yawn) what ever happened to waiting for a little devil van homan video part rather than a shakey iPhone edit from the 1mph club

  10. I have had backyard trails for over 15 years. I bought my current house in March of 2000. I bought my house for the yard to build trails. There are a lot of riders i Cincinnati but its all the same shit. Street and concrete parks. I enjoy all types of riding, but nothing is more fun and more BMX than trails. Noone wants to dig..It fucking sucks. I have a few guys who are now willing to help and we are getting a bobcat this weekend to work on shit. I love trails and I feel your pain. Good luck.

  11. i am from austin tx and we have a pretty good trail scene here. that is mostly what we have to ride. 9th street, redbox, eastside etc., and i am younger. still in highschool. i look up to all the older guys around here. and not chase hawk who i see around here all the time, or someone “famous” like that. my favorite people to watch ride are the guys who dig too and have been doing it for a long time. like clint reynolds. he lives here most of the time and watching him shred eastside is the most awesome thing. fuck watching sean sexton or someone like that do gymnast tricks down a stair set.
    my friends and i have made 4 sets of trails in 3 years, all of whitch arent running now due to various reasons but shit, atleast we gave it a shot unlike some kids i know that just ride the skatepark all day. i think part of the reason why they dont like going to the trails is 1: because they’re pussies. and 2: because as you said in the article, they have never given it a shot. and ya, you probably wont have any kids to pass your trails down to unless some kids get into riding and digging. thats kind of wierd too. im stoked that i get to carry on trail riding in austin when im older. i plan on me and my friends taking care of the local spots. what kid wouldnt want to keep an awesome set of trails going?
    long live the trails. keep digging.

  12. It’s because of guys like Stauffer that I even started riding a bike. Trails are where my heart is, and always will be. I do not ride street – it’s not entertaining in the least bit. I ride a lot of skatepark, I will admit, but I stay in the woods more often. I came to Posh a few times last year to dig and ride, but with growing up comes all the grown up responsibility bs and I couldn’t ride as much as I wanted to. The same will be unfortunately true for this year as well due to a new job; but I will make it out a few times. It’s a shame that you mention Geoff Slattery in that list of people – he’s one of the few people I love to watch ride.

    I think one of the reasons a lot of the newer kids don’t ride trails, is because they’re afraid of them honestly. That’s one of the things I hear from kids all the time, they’re afraid.

  13. Intimidation, laziness and just not being that into it are to main culprits as far as I’m concerned.

    We started up a new set of trails in an age old spot that had been plowed years earlier in Dublin, Ireland. The crew consisted of one main guy and 2 wing men. At the beginning we were keen for help digging and friends to ride with but like everywhere else we ended up just getting people riding when they were dry and little to no help digging. So we started getting salty, protected the trails and ran the lazy guys away. That led to sweet fresh trails but only the solid crew to ride with. Over time, more young new bmx kids started to notice the trails and would come down for a gander. We built rollers and small jumps, originally to stop the brave trying the real sets and hurting themselves and the jumps, but as time went on the kids got more into it and would help dig a little and got stoked on riding jumps. Even some OG locals who hadn’t rode in years started riding again on the small lines and have progressed through to being able to ride the big lines.

    The trails scene began to thrive, or so it would seem until the main diggers go catch some waves on a dry weekend and the trails get hacked by the so called new local kids who know better but are too lazy to water or dial jumps in.
    So it seems it’s back to good old saltyness. There’s plenty of riders now who love riding the trails, live close by but are too lazy to dig and maintain, or even make to trip
    They are just not that into it like we are. They don’t get it. They like riding like we do but don’t enjoy packed a lip like we do. Simple as really.

    I think it is a shame that more riders aren’t stoked to dig but whatever, life goes on. I now live in Vancouver and trails here are among the best in the world. There is a large bmx scene here and we have some top class riders but yet the core trails crew is just 2 guys with maybe 2-4 wingmen diggers. There’s too many sweet bowls to ride and too much hard work to be done for them to come and dig/ride at the trails. Although first dry weekend of the year had double figures in the woods. Go figure!

    Moral of the story as i see it is, enjoy the woods with your bros, encourage and teach newbies but don’t sweat if you don’t see them again.

    Plus you gotta remember that there’s so much epic stuff to do in the world that we’re missing out on because we’re too stoked on trails. And no one wants to ride with salty fuckers!

    Different strokes for different folks!

  14. Lack of exposure is a bit of a cause too.
    Riding street and park is more effortless and requires less preparation. Kids can throw up an edit in a few hours and do it almost any day of the week.

    It’s impossible to say you can do the same with trails, which is where the exposure bit comes in. for every trails edit you see on the net there’s at least 100 park or street edits. I’m sure if trails got even half as much exposure there would be way more kids stoked to give riding trails a try.

    I love riding trail more than anything else and seeing all the content posted over key site like pawoods.com deluxebmx.com prettyshady.com vinylbmx.com etc keeps me motivated when I can ride.
    so I guess thanks to everyone posting anything relating to riding trails.

  15. its the same the world over mate, here in the uk away from the famous spots dotted around london there seems to be no motivation from the younger generation (and a lot of the older guys) to pick up a fucking spade. The past couple of years i’ve found myself riding with mtb riders more than bmxers, as despite the odd bikes they ride, they have a much better work ethic than 99% percent of riders when it comes to building jumps
    like you i am starting to feel that when our generation finaly stops building there will be no one to carry the torch, which is why i’m now making an effort to try and bring some younger guys in on the scene and get them digging, and also im building a little warm up / training line at our spot which will hopefully encourage more kids to start riding the jumps and give them the confidence to hit the main line. It goes both ways really, it falls on our shoulders now to pass the torch, i mean if you’ve only been riding a year or two and turn up at a spot and are confronted with a line of 15- 20 footers you’re probably going to be too intimidated to ride them and never come back, which is why i think its important to have the smaller lines for kids to learn on. if trails are going to grow at all i think we need to foster a more communal vibe where everyone is welcome, rather than the “this is our spot, no dig no ride” mentality .

  16. It’s mad to think kids will watch a edit an see someone doin a feeble on a 1ft high ledge and think that’s mint, but someone goin high as fuck over some diets isn’t? Maybe it’s coz u can ride small stuff on street an still look impressive so kids are goin for an easy option and one that isn’t as scary as blasting trails, personally I think blasting trails is far superior and this street hirachy is a fucking joke it’s almost getting to the point in England were if u don’t ride street u might aswell not even ride !!!!

  17. Same in Czech Republic. Reasons? Fear, laziness, stupidity, no experience and medias. Medias suck for sure over here and made artificially street most popular so far. Not all is that bad though, it seems trails will survive in Czech, but it is tough. I do not expect kids to help digging, I do my best to make them give a trails try. Some will like it, few of them could love it, these will take a care once we will be out, hopefully. Thats all. Highfive Janis for this one, sad to read it though.

  18. Its sad man we need to bring back the love comp 3’s black forks soup recipes and just good times man…. Perhaps start a foundation for under povershd kids and get them some free breaks… Little pricks

  19. Hello from Geneve, Switzerland!

    It’s the same everywhere, people are generally too lazy to dig. And when you limit the access to the trails to the people actually digging, you get yelled at and criticized…

  20. i think its just got a lot to do with the fact that kids are lazy i have a couple kids that said they wanted to come dig and start riding ( bringing are crew to 5 people) so we showed them were the trails were and when we took them digging they just sat and talked about what they were gonna do and how they couldnt wait until the could jump them. that bummed me out but then later i learned they broke both of are rules they went back there with out us and fucked some lips up an they also brought people with them that didnt even ride

    and trails are pretty dead around here too

  21. Good post chris. Im thinking the decline of bmx racing had an impact on the newer generations tendency to ride street. For those of us who grew up riding in the early 90’s, racing was HUGE. Everybody on Long Island raced. Racing teaches you so much about how to ride a bike. Trails was a natural progression after racing became burnt out. Also while on the topic, blame it on work or the weather, but we have to ride each others spots more often. Its a blessing to be 2 1/2 hours from each other, but most of you guys have never been out here, and i think i made it out twice last year. (its sad im happy about that)
    Keep up the good work, i think it rained enough last year for 2 years…

  22. I’m down with much of what is being said, but tearing on the youth or specific people isn’t going to help anything. Trails needs to be the love of bmx, because there is no other possible reason that we would spend that much time, effort, money, pain, or thought on them if we didn’t love it.

    Other riding scenes don’t require the love. It should be there, true, but its not required. Good trails don’t, and won’t ever, exist without the love, period. So we should focus on that, and not hate on others who don’t get it, or have it.

    In the same way that your first or second set of that one line changes every single season, many people change what they ride and are into over time. Its just the nature of progression, not a criticism of what they did previously. Trail diggers should should hold their head high, and be above the bullshit, because we have to be in it for the long haul.

    Interest and available hands will always peak and valley, its up to us to weather them, not guilt people into riding trails or demean what they are into. Am I into 1 foot ledges….no, but thats the roller of the street world I guess. Would we think it was cool if some street rider came and ripped on a newb for riding the roller line….no. So lets no do it.

    as I see it:
    some of us are too old to be digging and riding trails: fuck it, we do it anyway
    some of us have families that don’t understand trails: fuck it, we do it anyway
    some of us put in more than our fair share, or dig solo: fuck it, we do it anyway
    some of us know that it isn’t in fad to ride trails…….: fuck it, we do it anyway

    so just chart the course you think is right man and keep going at it, knowing that other people will always be jumping on and off the boat.

    I think I’ll go dig some dust……stupid no-rain spring.

  23. I just have to extend a thank you for this. You may call it a rant, but I see it as a call to solidarity amongst the older trailrider/builder group. I weathered being called salty, or mean for my statements in the past about trails, but you hit the nail directly on the head-without the kids to pass the torch to, trail culture will suffer.

    However, it is what it is. When I’m riding at my private spot with a few old friends, I can’t say that I’ve ever wished to return to the time of being at trails that we collectively put our blood and sweat into, a spot that a few of us even relocated across town(and further away from our jobs) to be closer to, and seeing hoodrat kids show up on mopeds to do some “rampin'”

    I’ve always admired the PA trail scene, and I’ve been making yearly roadtrips there since Stauffer was rippin. I rode with Van Stout and abadessa at death valley (remember that crazy shit? Now that place was nuts.)after push got plowed. The sentiment was the same then, and then after a few years, spots started popping up again, although instead of them being built by the younger generation, most were of the same group-or an extension of it.

    Either way, trails are the antithesis of modern BMX. Why build a spot, when you could ride what’s already provided. Personally, I believe the kids today aren’t motivated enough to really have an impact on trails. The attention span is lost past the newest webedit or bullshit cumdump post. For the most part, we’re better off without them.

  24. Yep. My bros and I have worked on trails all our lives, and started from racing, still race. Yeah, street is easy, and fun to look for new things and such. But nothing beats flowing traisl, or a good track, IF you can do it… and that’s a point. Kids can do nibbler tricks that are tech hard, but not so dangerous, much more easily than jumping a dub. I mean, I can’t nose manual the local pad at the park, or footjam whip…. but I can blast a flattie over my 20 foot set in my yard, or pull manual to gap at full speed my table/triple in my backyard track… but guess what… kids think what they are doing is awesome. So they dont care about it.

  25. as sad as it is, folk are lazy bastards.

    the true icons of bmx (in my eyes) are the riders who rode whatever came in their path, be it vert, street, dirt, park or even flatland. messing with your bike and using it as an excuse as to deny yourself the best form of bmx is a letdown to yourself. brakeless riding is amazing, but not if it puts you off riding.

  26. Same story in a black hole like Poland. I’m 32 now and last year I came back to riding trails after 6 years brake after a crash where I lost my sight for 2 days and then having fcuked up seeing for a week more. I didn’t ride BMX at all for 3 years cause of the usual grown up crap and to be fair – just fear of letting myself down etc. After some time on bike and jumping at my friend’s trails I managed to jump on the trails where I get injured and my curse was gone 🙂 Then me along with 3 of my young friends from different cities went on a trip to France and Spain to ride bmx, surf and chill on the beaches and sleep under the sky. Even though I’ve managed to jump only the smaller sets at “Burck Trails” in France and riding only pump track in Anglets’ “urkatu trails”, I’ve the best time in my life!! BMX, Trails and the FLOW are giving me this most basic feeling of happiness I can imagine. Then I came back home in a capital city (over 2 mil of people), I went to the trails we’ve built almost 12 years ago but abandoned it around 2007. The trails built in a small wood between a national road and a graveyard looked almost the same. Some MTB and BMX guys took the place over but DIDN’T change an effing thing! Didn’t build even one more jump instead they made funboxes out of almost every jump besides the straight line which was probably “big” enough to discourage them having trouble to fill them with dirt (too much work, to even do this?).

    So me along with few guys took charge of what we’ve created. Even though I’m on the older side I was the motor to begin work there! I was full of the inspirations from the trip abroad and for the old joy of letting my creativity a playground and to shape the soil with my beloved 8 years old shovel.
    We’ve got some new generation bmx riders (brakeless street riders, with the same style as everybody nowadays) to help us and we were so happy as we thought they were seriously stoked. Youngsters helped us to build pump track, we rode it and then colder days came and they…were gone… Now it’s spring time, cold, but who cares, I take my shovel make some phone and FB calls to try to gather some people but usualy it ends up with 1-4 people at best! But mostly I dig alone…

    But on the other side there ale a lot of GREAT trails here, build by a handful of amazing people with a SOUL and HEART that are fueled by riding BMX, to create and ride without a foam pit (learn the hard way approach) and to give back what BMX gave us – meeting friends around the globe, visiting numerous places, doing something which made us happier and better people… and riding Trails are just as Chris said the antithesis of modern BMX which SUCKS. Kid’s aren’t aware of the joy it brings when you are commited to it. They have everything and didn’t know the time when if you wanna ride – you had to build a place to ride by yourself, now they are paying some money and can ride closed dirt park or a skate park where you don’t have to do anything besides giving money. Now BMX are acrobatic tricks, then tripled and then quadrupled. All that put into High quality web edits to show off… The TRUTH in what we are doing will always be worth more then thousands of copied personas! The Trails will abide !!!!

    All the best for the diggers out there !

  27. im up for ridding anything but i grew up ridding trails and just cant get enough, the place im currently digging at only has myself and 2 others working on them, its a shame people wont give trails a go, whenever i suggest it there comments are always ‘im scketchy at trails’ or ‘i wont be able to ride them’ but its the same with everything you need to try it before you knock it back. i think its mark web and all the park riders who have changed it cause you go down to a park and there are always loads of kids trying to be the next mark webb, i always find it weird how i ride street park and dirt and can happily have a session yet kids will only ride street or only ride park but oh well at least we all have fun ridding trails

  28. Preaching with the choir here, but it seems to be the same story here in Shasta County. The local scene is still thriving with a strong youth presence, but seems 9 outta 10 kids are riding the skatepark (which sucks) rather than devoting time to trails. We have a couple of great trail spots here that I don’t recommend any novice rider to ride, but the city has granted land to the BMX community to build trails. Yes, actual city land that is intended for BMX. Instead of having a potential great riding spot, the land is more of an over grown sandbox with the remains of a few old lines. I blame society and the lack of work ethic these kids unfortunately possess. A couple good years of digging there could be a great spot for all riding levels, instead they continue to ride the skatepark. Our couple trail spots are getting bigger and better, but for how long? One spot was plowed last year and another is potentially on the verge. I’d love to rip 25footers for life but work and family seem to through a minor chink in that chain. And I’d like to ride trails with my son one day, but at this rate that might not be possible. Hey kids wake the fuck up and do work!

  29. Im only 14 but trails are like,, so much better then park! There arnt any shitty scooter kids to snake you and stuff! Trails for the win!!

  30. hey mate,we got the same problem,kids live closer than us to the trails,can rip on a bike but still choose the skatepark?i dont understand
    anyway i have nothing against no brakes,i always have mine off,i think it can make you a better rider,you learn to control your bike in places where you could just be lazy and use brakes,it also gets rid of unwanted rattles..i always put them on when i come over to ride with you guys though..
    I think its disrespectful to rock up and try ride peoples trails without any on,i dont like to see it at our spot,its scary shit..
    at our trails out here half the boys are brakeless,we build the trails to cater for brakeless riding and thats not because everyone wants to ride brakeless its more because none of us want to touch brakes mid run..if you are going too fast we just make stuff bigger more speed the better,who wants to hit there brakes anyway? it sounds fucking horrid hearing them through the trails squeeking haha but i guess what im trying to get at is maybe just make the run outs longer after lines or berms taller if you want to see all those ‘pros’ back at the trails.. or they could just put some fucking brakes on when they come like the rest of us..hahahah

    1. you guys in australia are a different breed, we would kill ourselves if we rode the trails brakeless. i couldnt imagine someone hitting westside brakeless it would be too scary to watch. but yeah if you can ride brakeless mad props to that. its more of a fashion style thing now i think, i get it most think brakes are gross but it is what it is now, we use them to take away the risk from hitting a tree.

  31. Such is trails.
    Its been an ongoing battle that will never end. But it makes me extremely nervous knowing that I can’t think of a single new kid coming up that shows any interesting in laying a hand to a shovel. The trail builder club has always been a small one, but there was always a solid group…no longer true. Trails are work, kids don’t like work. They just wanna “tweet” about the sick nose manual they just did on a curb for their next edit rather than spend hours sweating away in the woods building jumps that people may never see. I can’t imagine a life WITHOUT burgers cooking on an open flame, a half gallon of Turkey Hill tea, a callous on my palm from slapping fresh clay, and being in the woods away from it all. But most people can’t imagine a life WITH any of that.

  32. I think basically people just can’t be fucked to put in the effort required to build trails especially when street riding is so shoved in front of everyones eyes and councils are building shitty little parks, and some good ones for that matter all over the show.
    I started a new spot just 6 months ago, I’ve had decent help from one other rider who’s into trails, some help from a good friend who doesn’t even ride anymore (?!?!!?!) and another kid who wants to get into trails has been down a couple of times. Same thing tho, there is a skatepark less than a 5 minute ride away from the trails and it’s full of kids on bikes. I go there from time to time and to tell you the truth I feel out-dated. Haha! My bike has a brake, it’s covered in mud and it looks like a BMX… Everyone else cares too much about their nice looking bike with there no pegs and no brakes and other bull shit. I have told a couple about the jumps but it almost seems as if they don’t care or they don’t even really understand what trails are.
    I was hoping that Anthem II (and all the recent web edits) would’ve sparked some interest in a younger generation but it really doesn’t seem to have done.

    Good rant anyways man. Keep doing what you do. The effort you guys put into trail riding and building is most certainly noted by some.

  33. this summer a friend and i are planning a trip cross country just to ride trails. skateparks, and visit friends and family and just explore. we are from southern california and there are trails out here. hidden away, locked down on private property. but they are here.

    anyways i lost my job last summer, and california is in a bad spot for finding a job. so i have money saved and my friend is quitting his job the day before we leave for this trip. plans are to drive from la to colorado and ride trails out there, then head east stopping along the way in kansas, missouri, tennessee, north carolina, ohio and into pa.

    ive been to both catty and posh a couple years back. and those two places left the biggest impression on my and i cannot wait to get back out there. we are only 2 guys but we will show up shovels in hand and were gonna be in the area a week or two so if digging is good we will gladly pay our dues for you guys having such an amazing spot we are able to ride. when i was out there a few summers ago one of the guys we met at catty gave us the key to his apartment and let me, and 4 guys from colorado live in his apartment for a few days. huge thank to matt from axelrad. i believe thats who did that amazingly nice deed for a bunch of out of towners.

    anyways. trails arent dead. and well be on the road from june until whenever we cant physically go anymore. if any of the catty locals read this. please hit me up with an email. were gonna be living out of my truck and tents for the trip and would appreciate any info on a place we could camp for free, places to go swimming, cliff diving and other cool things worth doing in the area when not digging and riding!


    also anyone that reads this if you want to meet up and ride if we are coming through your area. hit me up!

  34. im 21 from canberra Australia.. I only started riding bmx in the last year. and do you know what made me want to hop on a bmx.. Trail riding! And every day i dream for something like this to be built in our town i really cant believe people arent riding/ building these trails!

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