Wow Im pretty impressed with the feedback the last post got, makes me think trails are in not that bad of a state as I thought. Anyway just wanted to follow up on a few things, one is Im not saying The Come Up is the blame for trails dieing out, I think its a good site and lately its got a lot of good content up with articles and what not but basically none about trails. There needs to be a good trails based website like that, I know Deluxe puts up a lot of good trail videos but there needs to be a good site with daily trail content and just good articles on opinions of trail related stuff. As for dudes like Chase Hawk who used to ride the trails every summer and havent been there in ages it just bums me out because people have told me hes too proud to put brakes on to ride the trails. Same goes for Slattery the newest Anthem video of him is rad but all that footage is like 4 years ago and I dont think hes been to the trails since. Now I see edits of him without brakes and just doing wild street stuff. I think younger kids see that and are like well he isnt riding trails anymore he is way into street so Ill do that now.  Ive seen only one person from Australia riding the trails brakeless and make it work, but really if you wanna try it out go ahead but really its not worth it getting hurt. Especially when you get a random kid who think hes can ride the trails brakeless during a jam when there are 100 people there and we dont need a flying bike in the woods taking out spectators. I hate to call out Tony Cardona but he showed up at the woods this past summer with no brakes on and was not in a state of mind to ride but he thought he was gonna give the trails a go, but seen the sign that says no brakes and instantly left. That sign prolly saved his life that day if he tried riding. For Catty its more of an Insurance thing we pay a lot of money to have insurance and its a big risk to ride the trails brakeless considering the amount of trees and drainage holes etc, theres a lot that could go wrong. Basically put some brakes on for a day and ride the trails, I welcome all those dudes who used to come ride the trails, a lot of them list Catty and Posh as there favorite places to ride well why they hell havent you been here in years come out and ride. I know trails used to be strong on the whole no dig no ride and scare people away but when you have every young kid out there buying bikes without brakes and the only thing they know is street riding we gotta come together and make trail riding known you can come out and give it a try. Its not gonna make you uncool to have brakes on for a couple days. Share your thoughts in the comments.. Im glad this has opened up some peoples eyes so far, lets make this summer a good one…..