old photos

The site has had the most traffic ever now thanks to everyone for reading and sharing their thoughts on trails. Im hoping to get more posts up like this from different people all over the world on their view of trails. I guess since it hasnt rained and you cant really dig the site will get updated more with some interesting stuff to read and photos ( there isnt any rain in the forecast and I just dont see things getting clayed till may/june). Anyway here some photos I dug up with explanations below them.

Not sure how many people remember this cover shot but its Taj at Posh from 1997, that’s 15 years ago crazy really to think how long its been around now.

I just found this photo and having a hard time remembering when the heck we used tarps back then but it is from 2001, its crazy to think but it is from Pipeline and for some reason there is a tarp on one of the landings. I think when the trails got real dry we would soak them down and put a tarp on to keep
the moisture in but we never used them to shield them from rain back then.

This is from 2003 right before Nam got plowed, the pink x’s on trees meant those trees were getting cut down, and the rider is Stauffer.

One of the best photos ever I think, its Chris “Sal” Sales doing a dead sailor and it just shows how chill and relaxed trails can be it just looks like hes sitting in midair.

This is 8 years ago Abe wall riding this crazy contraption we made at Catty, I bet most people never knew Catty had something like that.

Big dig session on a berm at Catty in 2004, you will never get that many people working on a berm at once ever again, check out Alex Bugbee.

Super grown in Catty trails in 2008 the beginning of the tarp era.

Not sure how many people have seen this, its a layout of the trails from a couple years ago made by Treebell, if your lucky enough to see it theres one of Posh as well….