Nothing going on around here except rain, humidity and mosquitoes. We had a 6 day streak of really bad tstorms. Now the 10 day forecast predicts rain about everyday. I hate to complain but we really have nothing to look forward to. Who knows when will ride, it just seems when we need rain we don’t get it and when we don’t need rain anymore all it does is rain. Even if there is only a 30 percent chance of tstorms we usually get them so there’s no point to untarp. Tarps are really a life saver thou without them everything we clayed would of had to be redone this year. Let’s hope we get a month drought…



still raining

PA weather just sucks anymore it doesnt rain all of March and April and now we have been getting bad tstorms already with crazy humidity and the mosquitoes are so bad its hard to dig. You think no way can a trail season be as bad as last year but this year is looking like we may never get a chance to ride. Basically whenever the weather is good take full advantage of it and ride. Remember to hit up Auto Zone on MacArthur Rd May 26th from 10 – 3 pm for a car wash the money goes towards the trails. That’s it for now, let’s hope we get a dry streak like we did in April and can actually ride.

Heroes Of Dirt

Here is the official trailer for Heroes of Dirt movie which used to be called Accelerate. I know like it seems like its been such a long time and wondering when this movie will come out. You gotta understand this isnt some big Hollywood type company doing this, this is a totally independent film company and they have very little funding. So before all the younger kids talk shit on it, just give the movie a chance, it may open your eyes up. I could rant on a lot more about it but Ill save my energy for digging.. go enjoy this nice weather





Lots of rain lately but good for dialing in jumps still got a few more to do then riding stuff in. No memorial day jam this year since they haven’t even been ridden yet. Hoping to do something big for 4th of July this year. We are having a car wash may 26th at Autozone for the trails. Keep checking back for updates

digging sessions

Are we getting too much rain now, nah still lots of work to do in the woods and after two days of sun the woods dry out pretty fast. We need more weekend sessions like on Sunday we had a big crew in the woods, got a lot of stuff done, big thanks to the NYC crew for helping. Trying to get a grill at the woods and have BBQ digging sessions on the weekends, so if you can come out again this weekend do it still a lot to clay.