Weather has been staying pretty rad, jam should go on pretty good with the extended forecast looking good, I guess if you complain long enough the weather will go your way. As for the jam on the 4th of July I guess its just going to be a BBQ with food for sale, Dave King has a bunch of chicken to grill up and there will be other stuff as well to eat. Later in the summer we are gonna have a proper jam with giveaways and whatnot, contests, etc who knows trying to cook up something original. There is also a bike race thru New York City on the 30th that the Last People are hosting, check out their site for all the info. Last but not least a Heathens Jam on July 7th, so lots of bike riding to come.

10 day forecast of awesomeness

For once the weather nerds better be right and this 10 day dry spell starting today better exist. Woods are primed to ride stuff so come down and dont be shy. 4th of July is creeping up, it lands on a Wednesday but I say screw it and have a jam at the woods, maybe after party at the river. Who knows maybe the Style Man crew will roll thru like the old Nam Jam days. Dont know if anyone remembered them but they were from Florida and came up with a crew rolling deep every 4th of July Nam Jam. I know we cant get as crazy as we did at Nam but will try to do the best we can, stay tuned for more updates and what not on the jam. Watch the vid below of Clint making bike riding look so fun.


No need to complain about the rain anymore just look outside and it will be raining, even it does stop raining trails might be dry for a 4th of July jam. Anyway if you want to see the Heroes Of Dirt movie released in theaters you can help out with the Kickstarter campaign they are doing. They only have a short amount of time to raise the money so get on it, and the money only gets taken from you if they reach their goal.