Flashback Friday

Everyone on the internet seems to be into Throwback Thursday’s and Flashback Friday’s so I figure I would look thru the archives and found some real good old photos, mostly from the Hunk House era. Also a rad video from FBM and Tioga with some Catty in it but looking quite different because the way it was filmed. We cant seem to escape the Tstorms now summer is on hold for a bit, but these videos should hold you over. If you have Instagram and into that stuff follow @cattywoods for pics of the trails and other randomness.


Streak of nice weather is over, back to Tstorms everyday which just suck, Tstorms are really the worst thing ever, imagine how good it would be if we just got normal rain which doesnt happen anymore. Cant complain too much thou, England has had it way worse, I think they got to ride trails once this summer what a bummer, rain can go to hell.

I really cant get into GoPro vidoes for some reason, but if Dave King is behind one you know its good, check out more of his videos on youtube…

smooth fast dry

It’s mid summer and the drought we asked for basically came, but some rain is forecast either way trails are ripping come ride. Don’t forget to check out the new bike shop Kurent BMX and to buy a raffle ticket for a dollar to win a Cult complete bike. See the last pic below for the bike…

This pic below is via FBM and damm is it rad.