Labor Day Jam

This took so long to load on this 56k modem but it was totally worth it, best flyer ever, Treebell is a genius. Come to the woods donate some money, ride, water, watch Swantz rebirth.


The Internet is so bad where I am so I can’t properly link all this stuff but go to the RideBMX site and there is a rad video from Gary Young from the trails and a good interview with Gentilcore on what’s been going on recently. Also if you can donate any money that would be great use the link on the right. Hoping to have a big Halloween jam this year like usual keep checking for updates.

trails only site

Damm just found out about this sitebut it’s been going for a bit now. all trail related posts so everyone can go there and check that out to get there bmx fix. I’m out in the mountains building rollers and berms so no updates really here and the wifi sucks. Maybe I’ll rant on how corporate America is ruining the way trails pump tracks etc get built.



Forecast looks good, hopefully the unpredictable tstorms are over. Come ride the trails now while the weather is good. We got a small crew and some of us wont be around for a couple weeks so who knows when the trails will be rideable so take advantage and ride now.

Caught in a wild downpour