A couple things to go over quick. There is a lot of talk about media bans at trails which I totally understand, some trails don’t want the exposure stuff like that or other weird reasons. With our huge insurance bills we need all the money we can get, there have been too many times now where a company comes thru films an edit and we don’t see any money from it, bike parts, etc. I know dam well they get money from it from ad revenue, web videos make money (sometimes a lot depending on views) whether people like to admit it or not. Were not asking for huge amounts of money every time a team comes thru to film or someone is shooting photos for an ad or whatever. Out of respect for the trails and all the hard work we do, I don’t think its too much for a company to give a little money or even some bike parts we can raffle off at a jam or even sell to help with the costs. Now with that all explained everyone is welcome to come ride the trails we are not trying to scare people away but I think its funny when I hear stories of a team that wants to come ride trails but when they cant film they wont even at least ride. We are trying to work with companies and want to help each other out. Sponsoring the trails can really make things easier for the trails to live on, we are a nonprofit organization and if you want to help out email us. Big thanks to Mike Gentilcore who has been working his ass off with the legal side of things and tons of paperwork. Stay tuned for more updates and dont forgot the Halloween jam will be fast approaching. enjoy the autumn sessions…

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